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The Australian and African Sports Association (AASA) exists to bridge the gaps facing young people in different communities. Creating a platform that is diverse, inclusive and empowering for all races, genders, tribes and communities; allowing them to feel heard and most importantly know that they belong. Supporting healthy lifestyles, women empowerment in sports, mind well-being, social sports and professional training/development pathways.


Our programs are youth-led with insights on grassroots needs in the communities. Uniquely tailored to the specific demands of youth engagement through sports with other supporting channels like creative arts, music and education, to ensure we holistically deliver for young people's needs and wants during their different stages of growth.


We pride ourselves in working in partnership with young individuals to design the programs with them and not for them, an approach that has created significant impact in the communities. 

Our Heritage 
makes us Who we are.

Our Culture
makes us Stand out.
Our Values
make us Humans. 

A platform of cultural inclusivity and diversity


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